Hard-hitting, aggressive melodies from songs like Orange Sunshine and Black Mercedes fill the

listening audience with energy, while the depth

and intelligence of new songs Fade Away and

lridescent appeal to the pop sense of today's

educated music listener.

About the Artist

Lead-Sonic Revolutionaries-the only way to

describe this innovative quinted of alternative

rockers from L.A. Far from the flannel and

Burkenstock clad grunge gods that whine about

life's injustices, Lead's look and sound are a

refreshing change and an eye-opening view into

what lies next for Generation-X. The scope of

Lead's music touches both ends of the musical




Stanley Ray Abbott-Vocals 

Ray Laronde-Lead Guitar 

James Renfrew-Rhythm Guitar 

Brent Hensley-Drums

Bobby Sefano-Bass Guitar