Driven by a dedication that borders on obsession, the fortuitous five-some from Dallas, TX known as One Up is committed to the crowd and married to the beat. Mixing elements of Hip Hop & R&B, One Up breaks down musical barriers to create a genre-bending union of sound that has earned them the titles of “breakthrough” and “buzz-worthy.”


Neil Swanson (guitars) and Justin “Double J” Jones (keyboards, turntables) first forged their musical brotherhood in high school. As founding members of TEK 3, a unification of guitar driven rock and electronica, Swanson and Jones shared the stage with national acts and Dallas favorites alike. In 2002, the duo abandoned the rap-rock repertoire of TEK 3 to expand and revive their original sonic design. In June of 2003, they were joined by former Hellafied Funk Crew members Ryan Pyffer (vocals) and Brent Hensley (drums). Journeyman bassist River Tunnell was the final recruit added to complete the line up.


In October of 2003, One Up stunned listeners with a breakthrough debut performance at the North Texas New Music Festival. Performing again a month later at a sold-out Dallas show, One Up caught the ear of Grammy-nominated producer Carlos Broady (Indie.Arie, LL Cool J, Notorious B.I.G.). Broady quickly signed on to work as a producer for One Up and brought his platinum prowess to their debut, self-titled full length album.